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So, I was asked by ben to organize a dim sum outing for him and jac cos they haven't seen each other for very long and I'm their mutual friend, hehez. So i planned it and invited Cher to come along too, as she is their mutual friend too.

We met at vivo, and guess what, we met Leonard Sim by pure coincident! and it was like a 2G outing!!!

2G!!! i think we didn't change much, hehe!

after that, jac and cher blamed me for not asking them to join us for the titanic exhibition at night! it all started by ben!-.- 
so of course I'm more than willing for them to join us. so we ask them to come along. 
HAHA, and they were like "how can we go MBS in this?!"
"I'm gonna be running around with kids!"
"i wear like I'm going to the beach!"

In all commotions, we finally reached the restaurant at harbourfront for the dim sum buffet!!!

Cher was busy learning cantonese from ben. and jac and ben know this crazy cantonese dim sum song, from dim sum dolly i suppose, which was quite funny and interesting.

h-a g-a-o~~

pretty jac and me^^

So we ordered a lot? actually we ate quite fast, the food was gone within minutes. and it took very long for them to 上菜. cos they were super busy as they were having some event i think. the whole main hall was filled with people. and we were seated in this back room, where it is all the non-attending-event-people-who-is-here-solely-for-the-dim-sum-buffet. they even lost our order list T.T

and, Jac got work at 2 at toa payoh. and cher got to meet her sis at 1 to fix her phone. and ben and I were meeting charis and aaron at 1.30 at MBS! EVERYTHING WAS IN A MESS!

so we slowly work things out, cher cancelled her phone fixing trip. initially she still wanna go home change for the MBS trip. instead, we came to the conclusion, GO MY HOUSE AND WEAR MY CLOTHES! to save the horrendously long trip from south to the north and back to the south again. 

and while aaron was on the way to MBS at bishan already, last minute change of plans and ask him to come down and meet us at harbourfront instead. 
charis will meet us at harbourfront too. and aaron and her can go for lunch first. 

Jac cannot take leave so last minute, so the plan is that she can come MBS to find us after her work ends at 7. cos jared end school at 6 too. we can just wait for 2 of them and visit the exhibition at night. 

so everything settled!!

time to continue pigging on our food!


awww, few of the most important friends in my life!

yum yum!

the like filming for some Food Reality Show! HAHA!
a very nice photo indeed ^^


I think it is probably very obvious if they are enjoying their thousand layer cake. :X

then suddenly, Jac received a call! and she say something like 'I'm recommended for what?"
us, being in the university admission season, naturally our instinct will be which uni called?! recommended for what?!

i was really curious, but got time for a pose too! hehe

In the end, when Jac hang up. she said "i got recommended for.... uh....*cough*.... facial."


Apparently, its some advertising method etc.

the very happy jac!!!
and very pretty too! always with her one million dollars smile :D

its my turn! advertising for HAO GAO!

pose with the food!

take a yummy bite!

a satisfied smile of my food!!! 

please feel free to contact me to be your food advertising model! hahaha!

the master of eye pointing!!

cos aaron and charis came!!!

awww! one big happy family!! love this photo! taken by yours truly. ^^

cher's favorite!

finally, the 6 of us of the day! <3

after this, went pastamania cos aaron and charis haven't eaten their lunch. so naturally, its camwhore time for the rest of us! btw, jac left for work alr ):

acting cute~~~



bff always looking pretty, but me, on the other hand........hmm....

after that, we made our way to MUA HOUSE!!

more camwhore time + trying to make a song cover time. 
we had lots of fun camping on my bed, ben playing the guitar, and the rest singing ^^

love is in the air~~~


big small eyes aliens!!!

back to usual!

(this photo are smaller by purpose, to save my face, haha!)

my house---->SMU business school----->walk 5 mins to city hall---->walk city link to esplanade----->helix bridge------>MBS!!

photo bombing time!

street fashion

potential model


modeling 101- act cute

after shopping tgt for a million times, we didn't realize we have the same shoe size!! so we swop shoe cos we suit each other shoe more than our own for that day's outfit!

wa, that day got a lot of models lo. 
except me lo
I'm the manager lo

finally, a more chio photo of me


finally reaching MBS!!
the scenery is spectacular!
who and when can we visit esplanade area on a tuesday afternoon, doing nothing but strolling on a pathway and camwhoring!? 
except us!

realized how beautiful singapore is <3

this will be my all time favorite photo taken by my bff!
like photos that can be found in magazine right!

another one

kai leun pose! haha!
(just realize, this is one of the few times charis is 'acting cute')


and our sole modeling time!!



being exceptionally pro in modeling that day. 
must be his winter wear..

me with charis's shoe

charis with my shoe

spokesperson for the women's bag


model's profile:

Cheryl Tare, 18

Benjamin Wong, 18

Charis Lim, 18

Aaron yeo, 18

Chen XinYi, 18

so nice right!! we got this super helpful stranger who take many photos for us. she will help us see the angle etc etc, so nice!! thank her thank her!

i kinda spout this photo:/ 
but it make our love <3 unique (its a pun)
still very nice la!

must hand stand everywhere. 
at atas place-mbs also must handstand

acting model

more professional 'model'

wearing skirt at the atas place also must jump shot. 
so we became ballerina

this is how it should be

ohhh, my bffs <3 <3


but first, eat dinner!! always eating!

super cute photo! ^^


its even more beautiful at night!! <3

hmmm, cher..... 

hmmm, ben...


and mac came!!! ^^


finally, i got the effect! 
u know lye how some people's photo turn out this way when they take while clubbing.
so the way to do that is to be SHAKY! 
i wonder why~~ cos they are drunk?

thanks another very helpful and pro stranger for helping us take photo!

the angle so nice right! just cannot see us only, haha

our very cute jac!


so thats my long post!

i feel weird blogging my everyday life, cos all these photos can be found on my Facebook whattt, who will be interested to look at the same thing twice :3


I want to credit my LOYAL READER
For, always supporting in everything i do, one of which, my blog