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Adidas Originals Legacy


And the A stands for......... ADIDAS!!! ^^

major major major, a million, a trillion, a zillion THANKS TO MY BFF CHERYL TARE!!!
She's my photographer, my editor and my manager!!!
couldn't done this project without her!

so this project, i just randomly named it, its actually an Adidas online contest on Facebook- the Adidas originals legacy. where you have to post a all adidas original look and the top 20 with the highest votes will receive $1000 adidas voucher!!!

so nothing to lose for me, i decide to enter the contest. to earn myself a adidas birthday present. cos the deadline is 24th june. and although everyone knows I'm an adidas frantic, nobody ever buys me anything adidas for my birthday )): *hint hint*

so last thur, met up with cher to do my 'photo shoot' at orchard skate park. and it went awesome i think, we had loads of fun during.
although it was really hot
and there was a lot of mosquito especially when we went into the 'woods'.
but result is quite satisfying, so here i am posting all my 'shortlisted' photos of the photo shoot here for the first time ever!!!

these are the raw photos:

trying out different hairstyles, done by cher.

trying to pose


failed with posing, lets just act cute!!

cher say i look like doll here. got meh! haha!

posing 101 from cher, to get the hiding/finding feel. 
but turn out to be weird.

instead, gonna fall!

ok, ANTM failed!

*im not pee-ing* 

ok the following are 'short listed' photos which are photoshop-ed. but I'm not that bad to begin with right~~~
all credits go to ms tare!! ^^

this is cher's favorite shot of me

and this is my favorite. 

and my contest photo

(omg im embarrassed now :X)

so please VOTE FOR ME!!! @

go to your fb and search for ADIDAS SINGAPORE page. 
and find this adidas original legacy contest and find my photo and VOTE FOR ME!!

contest ends on 24th june, and everyone can vote ONCE EVERY DAY!!
so please show me multiple supports? hehehe ^^