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Photo tour

I can't wait for the month of JUNE to be here!
It will be all so exciting with all the overseas trip, outing with friends, doing the things i want to do and still having plenty of my 'alone time'. ^^

cos my last day of work is on the 2nd of june, and then i'll be slacking enjoying life ^^


Lets see if i have any photos for you....hmmm...if you don't mind the camwhoring...

did my nails!! <3

ooh, and some overdue photos from my last adidas 'photo shot' 
the preparing stage.
yes, I'm curling my hair in the kitchen! haha!
look at my magnet collection at the back! i have start collecting them since young!

dressed up already! 
still got time to camwhore with my xiao luo!
yes, officially introduce to you- my newest friend! 
i hug him to sleep every night :X

hair, make up, dress, almost all done!!!

ok, can't really tell the difference here. 
i actually didnt camwhore with my makeup face that day 0.0
i was proud of my make up that day, tried something new for the first time with my limited 'equipments', and it turns out not bad!! *pat on my shoulder*

since I'm looking into my photo album, might as well post some of my photos from my last holiday! HAHA!

I miss italy-rome!!

 and my all time favorite city- florence, italy

 its just so arty~~ 
and leonardo da vinci painted mona lisa there! 
(if I remember correctly)

and who will leave venice out!

 first time visit to austria and I'm already all in love with her! 
totally different from what i was expecting. 
its just sooo pretty.

and its Mozart's birth place.
I'm standing at his garden, wtf, haha.

love the street of Salzburg, Austria

and at the headwater of Swarovski, its just heaven.
surrounded by mountains.

and of course, the dearly Switzerland!

how can you go switzerland without trumping the highest peak in Europe!

and Colone, germany! 
this church, one of the top largest church in the world, makes up such a magnificent backdrop.

and, I'm totally in love with Netherlands too!!
its so clean and pretty, and...

... they got windmills!!

moving on to Brussels, Belgium!
the Atomium! 

and who is a must to visit in Belgium?

this guy/boy!

Manneken Pis

oooh, and my all time favorite country- FRANCE, Paris. 

Arc de Triomphe. 

and Champs elysees!!

Eiffel Tower

ooh, another of my favorite country!!! 

London, UK!!
fell in love with it since the sec 3 geo trip to UK. 

Big Ben!

ok, after touring you around half of Europe, I'm sleepy now!! bye!!

hope to fill my photo album with more countries around the world. (:


oh!! almost forgot!!

if you have reached this part of the post, i think you won't mind going one step further 

TYVM!! ^^