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TT stands for TAITAI


We were kinda lost at first, but things went better when it was unplanned and unexpected.
Moreover, with chocolates bribing, we can conquer the world!! haha!! ^^

So we went to mbs, wanted to go GARDENS BY THE BAY at first, but apparently its only open in end june. *cough charis*

so went to mbs and randomly walking, mac pay her visit to cbtl, her old work place. she bought chocolates for her ex-colleagues.
and guess what,
they gave us TWO free drinks!! ^^
which is of our choice- double chocolate and hazelnut latte (sth like tat)
and both was sooooo nice.
great choice jac! ( cos she know all the must have in cbtl)

but we not so cheapskate, we order fries and 2 more coffee. and the jac's ex-colleagues are so nice to give us a lot a lot of extra fries!! ^^

and we sat there to have our tai tai life ^^

then, we proceed on to DEMPSEY, THE HOUSE. we had a reservation there, cos we wanted to try it for a while already.

the place was cosy, pretty too.
food was nice, but i think a bit not worth it :X
(after having 2 very expensive meals in a row, I kinda figure out what is more worthy)
and I'm sure we pissed the waitress there for asking them to take photo, and a another photo, one more photo, photo with food, photo with arm chair, and polaroids, polaroids and another polaroids, and polaroid camera hang, make them wait, and take polaroid again, and again and again. :X

But (according to jac's theory) we paid for 17% gst and SERVICE charge k!! so we deserve their services.

but, we had a good night. and we realize how convenient Dempsey hill was for all of us. its really near our places! except for cher, maybe.


while waiting for cher~~

love this photo! (cos rarely i look 'this' nice! haha!)

tai tais^^

tai tais at Dempsey. 
*we parked our cars already, we did not walk there**cough*


My election pose!


don't we just look like sisters from a big family~~ awwww~~

Im so curious bout our future-
which university we going
what course we taking
who will get a bf soon
who is gonna graduate with what
who is going on further studies
who is going to take up what job 
who is gonna marry first
who is gonna have a baby first

we MUST take another of the same photo in 10 years time.