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Heart warming night

Last night was heart warming. 

I got to meet up with aaron, law, ben, bryan, txy and cindy. It was a mini celebration for my birthday! and they really got me an Adidas present after complaining a lot that no one ever gives me adidas bday present as I'm an adidas fanatic, haha!


We went to eat Jap buffet, and we all got really stuffed up!
and then arcade, seems like 19 is not really a very old age, hahaha!
Txy and me got cursed by the number 149 at the basketball game, CURSED I TELL YOU! 
We were stuck there and ONE more shot to next round): and when we played the second time, at the last second when i throw the shot, the ball was twirling round and round on the hoop. and after the time is out, it went thru the hoop, and that was suppose to be our 150th shot, but cos it was like 0.05 seconds late, we didn't proceed to the next round. 

Next, we went on to play billiard. 
I owned everyone, for a while...HAHA!
it was pure luck i think, as I haven't played that for like at least a year or something. 
When i was younger I use to go play pool a lot, maybe i got the skills then, hahaha (;

new way to take photos of the 'camera shy' people!

'camera shy' yet photo bombing others. haha!

me & laopo<3

waaaa, look pro rightttt??? 
thats how i owned the rest, haha! JOKING!

photo credit to aaron (:

this 3 musketeers trying to see the 'egg' is gonna hatch!
ok, totally random!
but this photo is quite interesting, haha!

lol?! wth?!
scary ttm aaron!!!

a small gathering,
with some of the most important people and most trusted friends in my life. 
 a relaxing pastime,
with nothing too splendid, 
but totally heart warming. 

Thank you guys, I had a great night.