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I'm Grateful and Thankful

In around AN HOUR, I will be officially not 18 anymore):

Wow, the number 19 sound

Well, thats life.

You know how 'older' people always say 'I'll always be 18.' or 'when I was 18...', and now my 18 is almost gone too! I can said those sentences too in an hours time! oh man, so old....

so when I'm 20 plus, 30 plus, 40 plus etc, will I say
'oh i did blablabla when I was 18.' or
'I wish i look like when I'm 18.' or
'I still look the same as when I was 18.'(haha!)?

So how's my 18th year of my life?
Will I wanna be remembered as the 18 years old cinyi?

Well, i guess this past year was quite alright. Its just the right balance between work and play.
When i first turned 18, I was still studying for my A levels prelim. Followed by the A level stress, blablabla. ):
When I became 18 and a half, my A level was over, and I'm touring at almost the other end of the world. (:
and then its the longest holiday ever, filled with good and bad job experiences plus many many many fun times with friends and families. :D

so the 18 years old cinyi was a carefree one.

Although many times I'll be whining and complaining of the big and small things of life.
But today, at this moment before i turn 19, I to thank hmm, the universe. (cos I don't have a religion).

Sometimes, I secretly grumble about how my parents are not THAT rich.
I'll be secretly feeling grumpy and jealous bout people who are born with a silver spoon.

But I should be and I'm grateful that my parents always try their best to give me everything I want. I led a higher-than-average lifestyle, at least I don't have to worry bout my 3 meals a day, and have enough to spend on clothes, food and almost any other thing i want. 
Most importantly, I want to thank the universe for giving me such lovely and cute parents who love me more than anything else in the world. 
I'm also thankful that I have a completely family. 

Sometimes, or most of the times, I'll be complaining bout my figure body, about me not having a close to perfect body. and always being pessimistic about my appearances etc. (friends of mine, yes, I'm pessimistic, although i may seem to be very thick skin, but I really have a very low self-esteem. oh my, I'm like confessing now. ):)
of course, i should take note of my body, cos a steadily increase of body weight is always a bad sign.

But, I think I should be grateful that I have a normal body, with all organs and body parts intact with me, perfectly. (thank mummy for giving birth to a normal and healthy baby)
I should be grateful that I can eat normally, or rather, i should be thankful that i have food to eat. 
能吃是福! (:
compared to children starving to death or eating sand to filled their hunger on the other end of the world. 
and bout my look, no matter how cliche the saying of 'nobody is perfect, and we should just love the way we are.' is, its true. 
I should be grateful that Im not the worst looking person on earth. (I'm not right? 0.0)

Sometimes, I complain about my friends, get upset bout the smallest things, blabla. In some darkest moment, I think that nobody ever understands me.

But, I should be grateful that I even have friends, not one, not two, but Im pretty sure its a double digit. ^^
and its not those friend-friends, but really FRIENDS, that i can open up to. Friends that i know they will company me through my life journey. Friends that i know i can count on them to catch me when i fall. 

I should just be grateful that I'm living as a human being on this planet at this century. 



ok, so just now i went to celebrate my birthday with my parents.
I think its the first time I'm actually not eating diner with them on my actual birthday.
I feel a little bad,
but they have 18 years already!
and they want me to have fun with my friends, and I want to have fun with my friends too!
(Im soooo excited bout tomorrow!)

i previously blog about this restaurant before, so yea..

too busy eating *nonnomnonm*

emoing~ putting one candle only~ alone~

I'm a happy girl! (:


this is taken when I'm really blowing the candles -.-

Happy 19th birthday, Chen XinYi!!