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Cher's Birthday

Hi all, or rather, Bye all!

I'm leaving to Taiwan for a week! My flight is at tomorrow's early morning! So a quick and last post before I sign off for the week!

So, went out to celebrate cheer's birthday for consecutive 2 days. The second day's outing was really impromptu, but we decided to meet up anyway. and by we, I meant Jac, charis, aaron, ben, jared, cher and me.

So the TT/NUS girls, which is jac, charis, cher and me, met up first and as usual our TT high life, haha!
We went to have tea at TWG (:

we ordered the happy birthday tea cos its cheer's birthday!! ^^

awwwww, i love them so so much!
and love the cakes etc too!

and then at night we watched the amazing spider man, which the amazingly loud ben who laughs loudly at the most inappropriate moments of the movie, haha!

The next day, we all met up at the tea party to slack. 

we are suppose to have stupid face here, 
i think only i look stupid, haha!

for cher's convenience, we went to eat at utown for dinner, so cher can come asap after her rag practice. 

wanted to eat at hwang's but the restaurant looks so empty and boring. 
while right opposite it, theres this nice italian restaurant filled with people, and all the chefs are real angmohs!!
so we ate there then and to our surprise, it is a super cheap and nice italian restaurant!!! A fine dining restaurant but with a super reasonable price, even cheaper than pastamania!!
I'll surely go there very often during school times!!

and the birthday girl with her half eaten cake!!

slack at utown and make a fool of ourselves at utown!
*hide face*

But it was such a hilarious night that i laugh my ass off. 
with tears in my eyes, and my 'abs' hurting so much!

i think u can picture how funny it was lah...

bus girls with an extra ben.

Im excited about tomorrow!!!
and a hinge of nervousness!
After all, its the first time I'm going overseas without any adult supervision. and the whole itinerary is planned by us. 

I really hope everything goes well. 
safe and sound and fun. 


P.S I really hope i get into Biz Oweek!