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I love you all!!

I had a wonderful 30th June!!

Feel so so so so so loved!! <3

My awesome friends reserve the whole 'room' at TCC! Its like a glass room, separated from the main dining area of TCC. so its lyk a function room at TCC, where its all to ourselves! No disturbance from other customers, and we can't cause any disturbance to the other customers too! (;

ok, there will be a lot of photos coming up!! (:

first group shot!! and the place is awesome right, cosy and elegant at the same time!!

the guys there!

us girls! ^^


me and my bang sister, lol!
this year is our 10th years of friendship and still counting!!
mutually sian of each others already, hahaha!!

TT cum co-workers! hehehe!
i think we spend almost four fifth of this holiday together, haha!! ^^

take another look of us,
see how we all have grown up and become pretty ladies.
(can u believe I'm the oldest of the 6 of us. hmmm, yea, I'm the most mature one. hahaha!)

TCC is filled with love that day. 
Nice setting, awesome food with half price. and I must comment that the service there was good too!
they didn't get pissed with our multiple times of shifting table and chairs arrangements, our mass ordering, and our thousands of request of photo taking for us. 
and we really slack there for quite some time, occupying lyk half of the total restaurant space. 
and and! the waiter that took our orders can remember everyone's specific order!! 

busy eating!

and this awesome girl, my soul sister! 
11 years of friendship and counting. 
and i know i can always count on her (for all my birthday wishes! hehehe!)

and this 2 guys are very important to me too!!
cos i was always with them when i was going through a rough time in my life, like a year or 2 ago. 
somehow, now it has became a habit of mine to tell them everything that I'm unhappy about. 
mostly whining and complaining and bitching :X
and they will always enlighten me with their 'scoldings' and 'lecturing' and 'suan-ing'
so, thank you, ben and aaron! 

and suddenly they just bought out this EXTREMEMLY LARGE CAKE! its the biggest cake that i ever had!

I'm a happy girl ^^

not enough, another photo of all the awesome people!!

a failed artistic shot of me posing, but the cake looks bright and lovely here, so here it is, I'm posting it! hehe!

finally get to blow the candle after LAW blew it the first time! humph, hah!

and its not only a super big cake, its a super big cake with my name on it!!!
ahhhhhhhhh!!! can i get anymore pampered?!?!?! 
why are you people so nice to me!?!?!
i dont deserve this!!!! ~~~

another look of this big and cute cake! ^^
before we all finish it in no time!


with the tubbers!! ^^
and may i say that after everything we have gone through especially with recent episodes, aint we just got closer and happier!?!?! 
im glad to be part of this. (:

aww, everyone look sooo happy here!!! (Y)

i have to post this cos, wth is jac and ben doing?!?!?!?!

and that marks the end of TCC.

after that we went back to the hotel, Grand Copthrone. 
oh yes, did i mention we are staying overnight at the hotel?!?!?!?!?!

*going crazy!~*

aww, we are a happy bunch of tubbers! ^^

and the afternoon gone by pretty fast with the tubber's exclusive game of the MURDERER! ^^

We went to great world for grocery shopping and dinner. followed by going to holiday inn to get alcohol *ahem*.
and its already around 9pm alr!
can u believe how time flies when u are with the tubbers. we are really good at wasting time, haha! :P

So we started our drinking night games! 
Ok, there wasn't really any casualties that night. 
except maybe for kaileun. he was super high with his super high pitch laugh, and flashing dance.......

and yes, i went to club that night. 
with weiqi and cher 
and bought cps( yes! peishan!) and waichong, first timer to experience it. 
i didn't teach anything wrong or bad to them.

At first, no one really wanna club, except wq, haha! and I really don't wanna force anyone, especially after all the nice things they have done for me. 
and honestly, i really don't mind not going to club that night. it was a bit sian after we got rejected of forging val's identity for the city bank discount, and the rejection of entrance of kaileun to the club. 
for the first time he wanna clubs and was high enough to club, but he freaking got banned, with 2 crosses stamped on both his arm!
cos he didn't have any form of identification with him, lol-.-

but wq told me its a rare chance since we are staying right next door, and we should party since its a day to celebrate, hahaha, so we went ahead!

and the least i can do to repay the other 3 who went in solely and partly cause of me, is to be HIGH on the dance floor. 
It was really quite sian at first when phuture is packed with people, and zouk is just too boring.
and i wasn't even that high on alcohol compared to previous times.
However, I manage to get myself together and be high (haha!), at least I'm a form of entertainment to the poor soles who got dragged into the club cos of me. 
I'm really sorry and i hope it wasn't that bad of a experience for you. :x

After that, everything that happened in the club should stay in the club. (:

when we get back, everyone is preparing or falling asleep le. 
haha, and the rest of the night/morning, even when everyone was asleep was super hilarious too!
guess who snored the loudest?
and who farted in the sleep?

wake up in the morning and feeling like p.diddy by a alarm clock set at 9am! freaking 9am! when we slept at like 5 plus?? Me, after rounds of waking up and falling asleep and waking up, i was surprised to see jian sheng in the room! glad he finally came after his guard duty! 

and then we have our morning round of MURDERER. 
we are killing people day and night! hahahaha!

check out and ate Macs at great world.

and that ends my birthday story. 



Thank you all once again, and i love every single present, well wishes and good moments you all have given me. 
(p.s i still don't know what the tubbers got me yet. haha^^)

Thank you,
I love you.