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Jac's Birthday mission accomplished!!


Im just back from JAC'S SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY, in 2 days advance.

The original plan was to go play nation in the afternoon with aaron, ben, charis, jared.
But yesterday last minute, cps say we should celebrate Jac birthday!
and even after knowing her for almost 7 years already, She hasn't let us go to her house yet!! )):

so we decided to surprise her at her house!

the plan goes like this:

first we have to find an excuse to ditch our play nation plan.
so charis lied to Jac saying she got dental appointment in the afternoon after their Fass briefing.
and aaron and ben lied that they suddenly got compulsory school workshop for their final year project.


at that point everything was going on well. the only thing we were worrying about is that we not sure if Jac will be at home in the afternoon after the briefing.

and then with all the last minute 'cannot make it' incident, we cancelled the play nation plan and Jac suggest we should just meet for dinner instead. After that she still said that she will go home after the briefing to watch running man!

HAHA! everything went quite smoothly^^

so today, after Jac and charis's briefing ended, we meet up with charis at NUH coffee bean while Jac is on her way home.

After writing the birthday card for Jac, we took a cab to Jac's house. We aint sure if we were faster than Jac but we hope we can reach her house before she does and surprise her when she open the door.

and just 2 street outside her house, our cab actually drove by her!!! She was walking back home, and we 5 were cramped in the taxi, trying to duck and hide so that she won't see us in the cab!!

It was hilarious!!! and we really thought we just gonna ruin the surprise like that.

Anyway, we just drove by her, quickly get down the cab and her maid open the gate for us, and we ran upstairs to her room and hide!

and within 5 minutes, we heard her came home too. so we all held our breathes, wishing hard that she will come up and open the door. (like what will happen if she doesn't come up but watch tv in the living room. then we have to wait upstairs till forever! haha!)

and she really came up and open the door and tadahhhhh!!

like that was the moment she opened the door and saw us!
and look how happy charis was!

In the end Jac told us that she heard footsteps upstairs and she thought her sis was home. so she came up and take a look.
actually that noisy footstep was made my our one and only CHARIS LIM.

and we sang the happy birthday song, ate the super nice cake and took photos.
so happy!!

my pretty friends!! ^^

super delicious cake!!! 

Birthday girl!! ^^

Jac's surprise birthday celebration mission accomplished!!! ^^

and then just when we gonna settle down, I realized my phone is not with me!!
after 5 minutes of confirmation, I LOST MY PHONE!

I left it at coffee bean previously, so we called coffee bean and luckily my phone is there!! *heng ar!*
so we booked 2 cabs and went back to take it, thank god!!!

After that we decided to go Aaron's house to slack!
and dinner at NYDC, with 25% discount from the big boss Jared!! ^^

and then I went home first, did I mention I took the wrong train on the opposite direction, and ended up at botanic gardens before realizing and headed back to harbourfront direction. -.-


But hope Jac had fun^^

Although I know she really really really prefer going to play nation than having us surprise visit at her house. 
12th Aug ba!! ^^