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Life's quite boring and carefree for the past few days, so theres really nothing much to blog about.

I spent majority of my time painting my nails, haha!

However, theres these 2 thoughts that were always on my mind for the past few days.

1) I want to open my own pizzeria!! 
I really really really want to! I had that idea a year back or sth already, as i mentioned to cher before. so she can be my liability that this is not a 3 minute interest or a random thinking. I REALLY WANT TO OPEN MY OWN SHOP!!

something like that.
the counter will be so colorfully decorated with all my speciality pizza flavors. 
and the air will be filled with the aroma of pizzas.
that no one can just walk by without popping their heads in for a pizza.

why pizzeria, you may ask.
Because there is a lack of such shop in singapore, and people loves pizza!! who doesn't love pizza right...

Recently walk past a pizzeria at great world city, and thats exactly the kind of shop i wanna open!! you can buy a whole pizza or just buy pieces. isn't that more convenient. and i think their business is rather good. (damn, i already have competition?!)
But i really have to find someone who know how to make pizza. (contact me if you know how to make pizza, haha)

ok, enough said, before someone stole my idea! xP

P.S i really think it will work, I can even start now. But the number one problem is, I need to know how to make pizza, or find some pro in pizza. -.-

2) I really want to study overseas!!
Right now I'm settling in singapore for university (after rejecting some schools in the Uk as i did receive their offers.). So I'm pinning my hope on going for overseas exchange program. Not those that go a week or two but those that goes for a semester etc. I think I'm fine with going anywhere in the world. Of course my first choice will be UK, followed by US, but I'm also fine going china, korea, etc. I just want to know what its like studying overseas, what its like to be living on my own, what its like to be taking full responsibility for myself.

Ever since we are proceeding on to university, I feel that everything is so.... unpredictable.
Unlike primary, secondary or jc, where curriculum is fixed for you, university is so, so flexible. Too flexible that I'm a bit afraid now.

like maybe i'll take my master overseas. or will i even wanna take my masters?
and what if i found the someone special, but i wanna go overseas for my masters?
and most probable I'm gonna to marry the next guy i fall in love with. (unless I'm blind again, or I'm just not serious) Like its different from sec school etc where you know how high the chances are of not marrying the person you date. but in uni, if I find the right guy, I'm may be with that guy for the rest of my life?!


Its such a big term.
I feel so old, so grown up.
Its too scary.