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Trio @Taipei Part 1

Hello all!
So here I am finally going to blog about TRIO @TAIPEI!! ^^

Well, i have to say we didn't really have a smooth start on the first day.
We were scared that we will exceed our luggage weight limit on the last day, and we couldn't upgrade it at the airport, and when we reach taipei, we couldn't find the van driver, and when reached at the hotel, it started raining, and we were a bit soaked.

BUT after all that, everything went well!!! (and the monopoly deal on the plane was awesome too ^^)
its new, its clean, its modern, its cosy, its location was awesome (i spent 1.5k on the street just below our hotel-.- i will talk more about it later)

I will definitely stayed at the hotel again if I go taipei.

This is not a advertorial for the hotel, but I really think it deserve the credits. Everyone interested or going taipei, I highly recommend it! and its not expensive at all!!! For a 3 stars hotel, you received 5 stars experience. haha!

ok, so we started shopping at ximending, once we check in. and theres this shop just outside our hotel, and i saw a bag i like.
the shop keeper, we call him 店长, was sooooo good at selling it.
I was asking about the price, and its around NT1500, so i was considering, cos its abit too ex.
and then he's like "你不要哦,那我不卖给你啦", in the joking tone.
But he's like that all the time cos he say he only imported 5 of that bag, and a lot of people is looking for it, so its precious to him. and thats the last one in the stall already, so its extra precious etc.
and this reverse psychology really works sooooo well on me! and i bought the bag -.-
he is nice la, like joke with us etc, so i decided to buy before someone else bought the precious bag before me!
Jac says i can just learn my marketing skills from him already, don't need go NUS le, hahaha!
and he gave us a VIP card, say whenever we ever come back to taipei and visit his shop, we will get 15% discount.
so we left the shop happily, as i really like the bag.

and then we continue walked down the street we saw another shop, and they are selling the exact bag!!!! fuuuuuuuuu!
and its NT1200, and the sales girl say can still give me discount. Fuuuuuuuuuu!!!

and from then on, everyday when we walked past the shop to our hotel, i'll be like cursing the shop, and Jac will be like ‘店长, 店长. 你不要买哦'. HAHAA, so funny!!

but other than that 2 shops, i didn't find my bag anywhere else luh, so its still ok....

us, super satisfied with our hotel and our room ^^

playing around!

and cos the bathroom and the room is just separated by a transparent glass and a curtain. 
once, when Jac is changing in the bathroom, cps walked at the side of the bed, and accidentally open the curtain even without realizing it! she just continue doing her own thing. HAHA!
and i just stood there and witness the whole thing!! 
Jac's face when she realized the curtain is open is like 0.0, with mouth big open! 
HAHAHAHAHA! so funny now that i recall!

luckily Jac was almost finished changing already, so it wasn't that bad! ^^

ximending, just below our hotel!

Jac is zoo funny!!

see the food that they are holding on to? Jac lovesssss that stall, and visit everyday for her fried mushroom! 
but its really tasty! (Y)

Our favorite!!! 
you can tell by the look on Jac's face!!

at night, cps's uncle came to find us and brought us for dinner. 
we ate this 濡肉饭, its suuuuper good!!
I can just eat 2 bowls of it!

us really happy with our food!! (Y)

after that we went sight seeing a bit, and went to shilling night market!
and thats when our shopping started!

Day 2- Jiufen, Ji Long

it was a loooong ride to Jiu fen, and its really hot!
but when we reached there, everything was worth it!
the scenery is sooo pretty, Jac is totally in love with that place!

Jiu Fen is really special as its like in the middle of the mountain, so you can pretty much guess how cool the scenery was.

we took many photos, eat lots of food at the old street and thats also where we bought a lot of souvenirs, for ourselves and our FRIENDS!! (ahem, TT girls ar, ahem!)

and then we played monopoly deal in one of the cafe we rest foot at. 

yes, monopoly deal in the middle of the mountain.

taking train there~

finally reached there!!


look at the scenery behind jac! Jac totally love it!!

old street!!

Jac and me favorite - CHOU DOU FU!! 
ok, maybe its my favorite!! 
i love it!
and not smelly not nice!!
so we keep buying, whenever we smelt one that is more smelly, hahaha!

my future bf, MUST like to eat chou dou fu!

having tea........

and playing monopoly deal!!!

and then we proceed to  JI LONG, Night market!!

and thats how another round of eating and shopping and shopping and eating and eating begins ^^

ok, i shall end my taipei post part 1 here!!!

loving taiwan! <3