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Trio @Taipei part 2

so where was I?


If you wonder why we are extra pretty that day, its cause that we were dressed to dine at taipei 101. at a restaurant ON TOP of taipei 101! ^^
we were ready to spend a bomb there already, so we all bought one dress from singapore and all dolled up for day 3.

we started the day by going 中正纪念堂, it was sooooo hot! I think basically we just got toasted under the scorching sun.

we went there wanting to see the change of guards. but the place is soooo huge, see the building behind us, its still super far from where we standing. and under that sunglasses (except cps) and our amazing smiles, we were sweating like crazy. and we couldn't find the guards!!!!

me: 'where are the guards?!'
cps: 'guarding.'


so we didn't bother to look for those guarding guards.
at the end of the day we found out that the guards were guarding on the FORTH FLOOR!


hahahaha! it was hilarious! angry, but funny! hahah!

and then we proceed to WU FEN PU!
its the best place for people like us to do our shopping!
its like bugis street (upgrade a bit more), like in between bugis street and haji lane kind. and the place is BIGGGG!
the total area is probably like a size of a standard soccer field or bigger!
and its quite messy with many many many small lanes, so you have no idea where you have shopped or not.
we didn't even have time to shop finish the place before rushing to taipei 101 to catch the view at sunset.

Honestly the things at wu fen pu is not that cheap, unless its really on sale, then it will be like SGD$4-$15. if not, i think its almost the same pricing as singapore.
piece of advice if you are ever going there, SHOP SMART!

and we got a list of shopping items for ourselves, as well for charis and cher. haha.

somehow the trends in singapore and taiwan is that similar. we totally cannot find the things that cher and charis want. (or maybe is just their taste xP HAHA jk!!)

anyhow, we cabbed to taipei 101, its rather near. 

and you thought we will be super high class to dine there right?
 the restaurant is on the 87 floor, and the tourist viewing platform is on the 89 floor. 
so since we are dinning there, we can don't buy the normal tickets to go to the viewing platform and also, we can take another passenger lift up, i think. 
which is like sooooo much less crowded, maybe only for the 3 of us. #likeaboss

we were told that if we wanna eat up there we have to wait till 830, and there still might not be a table for us -.-
and its a little too pricy (although we were prepare to pay like mad already)
and the food don't really suit our appetite at that point of time. 

so in the end, dining at taipei 101 abort!

we bought the normal tourist tickets, queue up for damn long, like normal tourists. ):

although the lift is damn crowded, 
but its super awesome, 
its in the Guinness world record for being the fastest lift in the world.
it goes to the 89 floor in 37 secs!!
it goes 400'mph/sec' or sth, i forgot the units, haha!
super cool, you can feel a slight discomfort in your ears, but its worth it. 

and on top of 101 the view is worth the wait too!!
although at that time, after a day of walking and shopping, we are so tired and literally our legs can't really support us anymore. 

not sure if Jac is enjoying the view, or just stoning due to tiredness, haha!

up on the 91 floor, although its outdoor, basically for me i can't see anything, because, firstly theres metal bars, and secondly, I'm too short to see outside. -.-

and we went to roahe night market to eat dinner and went back to shop at wu fen pu!
these 3 places are quite near each other.

went back to hotel and eat mango ice and try out our buys of the day. 


Basically we 上山又下水 that day ^^

and yes, we scheduled our itinerary with alternate days of sightseeing and shopping, haha. 
Presidential building, its walking distance from our hotel!

on yang ming shan, waiting for tour bus

and then, dan shui

yup, we walked the lover's bridge....
but not with our lover......

the weather is so so so so so so HOT! 

so a bowl of mango ice below the lover's bridge is a necessary!!

cps is so strong!

and then we found out theres boat to the dan shui old street we wanna go, so we took the boat ride! and its cheap!

old street!

that night, we walked past this steamboat restaurant!
one steamboat, one person serving, although i didn't manage to finish mine, cos its so packed with ingredients in it!
it only costs NT109!
which is around SGD$5!!!
damn good and shiok!


its our last day, so we decided to spend it on spending money, haha. 
but first, i think i dragged Jac and Cps to the national palace museum with me. 
but theres 2 exhibits that are must see!
its like one must go to the louvre museum in paris to see mona lisa painting!!

and then to DING TAI FUNG!!

we order soooo much food in the end we have to cancelled a lot of our orders! haha!
but after ordering so much, the price was still reasonable. 
so much more worth it than dining on top of taipei 101.

even though it was quite crowded, the service is still damn good. everyone was so friendly and helpful, they don't even seem like they are rushing or busy!
*thumbs up*

yes, we order 2 'baskets' of xiao long bao.

and thats our final bill!!

and then we spend the rest of the day shopping, shopping and more shopping!! oh and manicure at the last minute!

i bought TEN pieces of clothing that day itself, and i think totally they cost less than SGD$200.
 not bad right, hehe, 
proud of myself!!! 

and that ended trio @ taipei!

last photo at taiwan airport. 

I think what I miss the most of taiwan, is not really the clothes or the food, but the people there. 
I find that Taiwanese are all super nice and friendly. 
We almost didn't meet anyone who gave us black face, ( except for one shop lady who answered Jac '没有' super quickly, hahaha! #insidejoke)
you can make a mess in a shop and leaving without buying anything, the shop keeper will still smile at you and ask you to come again soon etc. 
and almost every taxi uncles we met are super friendly, they will chat with us and joke with us. 
they are so nice that Jac even tip one taxi uncle. 
and maybe local taiwanese that walked past us, came forward to volunteer to help us take photos. 
or some may just stop their business for a while, come out of the shop and help us take photos.
everyone is always smiling.
it just makes you feel very happy and warm.

you will start making a lot of friends in taiwan. 

coming back to singapore, touching down at the airport, and i order a chicken pie. 
comparing the service in singapore and taiwan, singapore sucks ttm. 
it doesn't even hold a comparison to taiwan. 
the lady who sell me chicken pie didn't do anything wrong, 
but there wasn't any good points in it too.
her attitude is as cold as the chicken pie. 

Even though Singapore is so modern, and high tech etc 
but its lacked in something....


Especially after going hong kong and tai wan in the passed months, I have firmly concluded that point.