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Shanghai 2012


I wanted to blog when I was in Shanghai but they even blocked BLOGGER!!! I know they blocked Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and google was a tad lagged as compared to other search engine, but I didn't know they blocked Blogger too, so i couldn't blog.

Anyway, the trip was much relaxing, I didn't roam around Shanghai much, most of the three weeks there I was at home, or visiting. So it was a pretty bonding trip. Although only 2 years had past since the last time I went home, but a lot of things have changed and i mean A LOT.

my grandma almost couldn't remember me already, her memory has deteriorated so much since then....
all my grandparents have aged so much.....

and it makes me feel that so much things have changed in such a short period of time, while sometimes I still harp on things in the past.
They all are really proud of me of getting to university and getting to the course I want. and yet i feel i have wasted this first sem cos I think I've done rather badly. :/

Every time I go back I feel much more rooted and come back fresh. It just clear my head, and let me be clear once again what I want and who I am.

pretty yellow leaves below my house


stop staring at my messy hair, rawrrr!

Merry Christmas!!

I really love this city. <3 p="p">

China postman uses bicycle ^^

Merry Christmas to all!!

P.S I am receiving my results tmr 9am, omg, I need to be mentally prepared for the worst.