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Jared's Party

Jared is officially 20!!!

omg, we are all getting old ):
and to think of it we all met when we were 13 and have gone through the years together, and now we are celebrating our 20th bday. its quite amazing, like we almost spend half of our lives together.
theres no doubt that the best times of, at least, my life is in GESS.

so Jared's bday is sort of like my 3rd party planned? HAHA, Charis, dont kill me please. obviously Charis did more work than me, but I helped too k! hehehehez

so we celebrated his bday in picnic style at botanic garden, and boy, it was H-O-T, literally!
(Note to self: Have to warn future client about the heat if they wanna have a picnic party.)
but we had fun, took many pretty photos of everyone, seeing almost everyone changed their profile pics on fb to photos taken that day, hehehe!
We got fake champagne, its more like $2 sparkling juice; beautiful cake done by Charis and Jac; pretty plastic wine glasses sponsored by Jac; got my 'testing' invitation, ink sponsored by Charis; oh and did i mention we got HELIUM balloons to create a better atmosphere!
and we made a new friend there, Leon---a Lewis! (Y)

Went to Nosh for dinner, its a restuarant I found online, and yeap, I booked the whole restaurant to ourselves for the night! and oh the place is really beautiful, suitable for date nights ^^


can never take a good jump shot without my face being covered by my hair -.-


AGAIN!!! argh.

idk why but for some reason I really like this photo. we look so happy and cosy and sisterly, HAHA ^^

I think my photography skills have really improved a lot! Taking nice photos of the parties and post online, hopefully to attract some clients ):

I know how hard it is to start a business, so I WONT GIVE UP!! 
hopefully, one day, in the near future, I can see some results. 

I really got a lot of party ideas in my head right now, suddenly got the crave to plan more parties!!
But i cant do it without a client/sponsor ):
I dont even need to earn money, just dont make too big a loss, I would be more than happy to plan a party for you. 

Its the satisfaction and happiness I get when I planned the right party for the person and see that everyone enjoyed their time during the party.....

When's the next big thing????