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Southern Ridges of Singapore

HEHEHE, I'm blogging so much this few days!

I just came back from BBDC! and my first theory lesson will begin next wednesday! Im kinda scared, I should be putting my 100% in my lousy-shit studies now, haii....

Wonder when I'll get my license? lets have a bet, maybe in June, before I turn 20? Hehehe xD

Oh, last thursday I went to walk the Southern Ridges of Singapore hahaha.
I was shorter than I expect or I did walk quite fast while climbing the stairs. Honestly, I was reluctant to go :/ but Gina and me said we will go climb it one day after the exam, and we havent meet up for the whole of the holiday cos I was away then he was away bla bla. So he did manage to persuade me to go climb the southern ridges in the middle of the day!!! and cos he wanna help me lose some weight -.-
oh and we were both penniless! like we both only had coins in our wallet! (I still owe Tesia $7 for watching Les Misérables- oh it was quite a good movie!) so with no other entertainment that we can afford, we decide to embrace the nature, haha :D

and we figure out that we couldnt ask anyone to come along with us, cos they all stay so far, like in the east, and they will obviously NOT travel 1 hour to here to climb the southern ridges, haha!

Found a few pretty places, like the Alkaff Mansion, its sooo nice, I would wanna dine there one day. walk the Forest Walk which I always wanna walk but couldnt find it. It turn out to be the other direction from the Henderson Wave that we didnt go before, cos we always only walk from Henderson Wave to Vivo.

And just 5 minutes before we reach the end of the whole walk, it just suddenly started to pour! Lucky that I was walking fast throughout the whole trail and not listen to gina to when he say to walk slowly! hahaha! so we did got a bit drenched, but lucky we were near to the end already.

so the trail ended much earlier than we expected, so we went to the nearby Anchorpoint to eat and to Ikea to eat, and eat and eat. So i guess my input of weight > output! ):