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31ST DEC PART 2- Tubbers countdown & kl's birthday!

To me, I feel like meeting up with the Tubbers on 31st Dec has been a tradition already. Mostly because Kai leun's birthday fall right on the last day of each year so we will always celebrate and then countdown. So we had steamboat, make me feel extra warmly, just like a big family. I bought cupcakes as kl's birthday cake. At first I was scared I bought cupcake instead of a cake, I didnt even ask them ;/ but its almost evening on the NYE and theres not much big cakes left in town as I search for.
After that we had chocolate fondue, played mahjong, watched DVD, then went to Val's house to countdown where we have unlimited view of both the Marina Bay fireworks as well as the Sentosa fireworks! WOOHOOO!!!
oh, and I bought a bottle of champagne, just to give it a bit more festive atmosphere (:

the table is hardly enough for this big family! ^^

with Birthday Boy!


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i LOOOVE this photo! my photography skill is sooo good! there wasn't enough lighting, so almost all the photos turn out blurry. except for this! and i was holding the camera above my head, i didn't even look into the camera, and my aiming is still so good! and the perfect timing of the firework! ok, I have boast enough of myself, haha, but you have to admit this is an awesome shot.
all the awesome shot im not in it one, cos im the photographer, haha!

you see! its blur!!!

another of my art piece, champagne and fireworks with the awesome companion, what more to ask for!

guy version of SKARF!

Our flower boy!

yay! its finally not your birthday anymore! HAHA!

awesome photo with the awesome background taken by my awesome bff cher!

Love Tubbers, I promise I will meet up with you all more often ok! sorry peeps!