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Weiying's Birthday!

Havent blog for 2 days!

Came home on thursday and felt sick, must be my dad passed me his flu );
so I went to sleep at 8 plus and I didnt blog.
I think I will give myself 6/10 that day. We went to play table tennis in the biz lounge during our 2 hours break, and I got super tired after that.
during lesson after that, the first half was alright, but then second half I was too absorbed in group whatapping, and didnt pay attention. ):

anw, I really LIKE biz law! Find it so cool and awesome, haha! its also interesting! and we got the better teacher, and he is a lawyer!! better get A+ for this mod
He is going to cancel our next week class got he has to on court that day. SO COOL! but then we have to come back on saturday for the make-up lesson, not so cool.  -.-

Friday, I went to BBDC to take my basic theory evaluation, and passed on the dot, hahaha, luckyyyy~.
and I AM SO MAD, guess whens the next available slot to take BTT?
15 MARCH!!!

WTS. I have to wait all the way till then -.- sian ttm!!! if I failed on that day, i think the next available date for BTT will probably be in june already. SO SIANNNNN!!! why like that!!!

so angry.

then went to town to meet weiying to celebrate her bday! went to watch So Undercover, and its really a bad movie. I wonder why will Miley Cyrus take up such a movie, so far all her movies kinda sucks. :/
so disappointed.

and went for dinner at Oriole at 313 Somerset, and after that went to another place (I cant remember the name) at orchard central to drink, again.

the super awesome, 100% hand make paper cut-out card made by gina! 

and i decorated the back! 

look at the big smile!! its either shes really happy or shes already tipsy, or both! hahaha!

yes, I am sober~~~~~

P.S its official, my parents know I've been drinking. :/