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31st Dec Part 1- Meet up with the girls! WY&JEN&ME!!

so Jen is back from the US after like 2 months and 1 week of school! LOL! their semester is so short! so went to indulge ourselves as its the last day of 2012, thats the excuse of everything we did that day, hehe (:
so we went to have lunch at TWG and then we couldnt stand the crowded orchard road and it was raining so we cant go anywhere else, in the end we found the awesome and perfect place in the heart of the city-ION SKY. Its is located at the 55th floor of Ion and the rare serenity in the midst of the bustling city of course, come with a price, of $16 each. But we were tired from all the walking and bumping into people, and from the screen it shows that no one was up there, so we decided to pay the price and went up! Its the last day of 2012!! :D

the whole place to ourselves!

we realise there are many swimming pools on top of the many shopping centers at orchard road! I wanna swim at orchard road!!!

spinning like a ballerina (;

Will miss you Jen when you go back to the states. please come back soon yea ^^