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A Little Adventure

Jephine's Big 2 Birthday was yesterday, we have the idea of going to surprise her at her house. yes we know where her house is cos we went there for sleepover before. But in the end it turns out that only gina and me were free, so we 2 decided to proceed on the surprise plan ourselves!

So we met at vivo, to buy the present, make the present and the card, buy cake, etc. We gave Jephine a really thoughtful (*thick-skin*) present- a tumbler. because she really drinks a lot of coffee and tea on a daily basis. so nothing better than a tumbler, with our faces on it.

cut the story short, everything went great, and the feeling is great when you make your friend happy.
papercut handmade by gina, as always!
and cos, she like jigglypuff. 

HAHA! the card is so funny! exact feeling of Jephine!

DATAHHH! the end product!

my belated bday gift for gina.

all done!! yay!! ^^

nearing her house!! 

waiting for the bday girl to come home!!! 

Mission surprise Jephine- SUCCESS!!

with the pretty birthday girl! <3 p="">
shes born to do THAT face! HAHAH! like sisters with the jigglypuff^^

after that, I insisted we go walk the Labrador park area to marina@keppelbay. anw its like on my way home. and both of us really like that area a lot, so we decided to walked that area, for the SECOND time.
I wanted to go cos I bought out my DSLR, so might as well go take some pretty photos right!! HAHAHA! xP

But I really hate the long walk in, especially at night, cos its so dark and can hear all kind of insects noise etc. but once u reached the sea side, its just soooooo pretty. so windy, and there was soooo many stars yesterday.
I realise how long I havent stop and look up the sky once a while to look at  the pretty stars, like how I use to do it when I was younger. ):
and it reminds me of the Perth trip in Sec school, when we were really sooooo close to the stars and the yolk-like moon. and how Jac tried to take silly photos of the moon on the jittery bus, HAHA! good old times~~

I think we totally disturbed the tranquility and peacefulness among that area, cos we were talking and laughing so loudly.
its sort of a mini adventure in the midst of all the crappy school works and deadline.

and it turns out that gina is a much better photographer than I thought. 0.o hahaha!

we really had a great time yesterday, surprising jephine and everything! (:

Dont know if this is artistic or ghostly :/

wishing upon the stars~

postcard shot by the pro Gina.

another post card photo by gina!!!

this can so be an advertisement campaign for that condo!

YOLO, so go and have fun, have adventure. 
(note to self)

and reached home with the saddest news ever. 
I am in such a sad mood now, future seems so bleak once again.