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Girl. Lady.

MNO exam tomorrow! And I dont know if I am prepared.

I think one thing that I have got out of NUS is that, you will never know if you are fully prepared, just like life.

And I still went out the whole day today with Charis! (my decade-long BFF *proud!*)

We are up to no good *evil laughter*, but let me not reveal too much first. Its nothing big anyway.
Partly cos Im not gonna blog a long post today cos I SHOULD BE STUDYING. and I should just leave the full post to next week after everything ends. (:

But just want to share some photos with you lovelies. (:

can you tell we coordinated our outfits? blue&white
actually, we couldnt make up our mind till the very last minute, and we sort of give up. just wear what we want. so its not that coordinated too.

I think charis looks better with the blank face, HAHA!

Subway for dinner!!!

I think this is the best batch of photos of me&charis. 
and dont y'all think that uni is really the phrase of life for drastic changes, be it mentally or physically. 
Most girls in Uni looks amazing, like pretty and all that. 

yes, I am saying we got prettier too! ^^

(Charis keep changing hairstyle ar!)

I mean like, compare to these.... 

We've all grown up. 

must dilute the awkwardness of the previous 2 photos and leave with a nice face for y'all to remember. 

Best Friend Forever!

Love you Charis <3 p="">