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 I was bored at home the other day. So decide to draw on my face.  
Decided to try out some fun colors since its summer and I am bored. HAHA.
And it turns out that this blue is actually very nice. coincidentally it matches my sleepwear too, haha (Y)
But I'm still a newbie, so I definitely dont dare to wear it out of the house yet. 

Brunch at NamNam on last saturday. 
I realised a good brunch can really just brighten up the weekend like that!
Should head out for brunch more often :p

Went to look for guitars for these 2 pros today. 
It just makes me miss my spoilt guitar so much, and how badly I wanna play guitar NOW. 
In the end Ben got the one he is holding in the photo above. Its really a good guitar, I think. 
I personally like it a lot too. (:
While Charis just couldnt make up her mind. 

So basically today, we were just running around between Bras Basha, Bugis, City hall and Plaza Singapura. 
We went to this second hand book store which is quite interesting. I didnt know second hand book is that cheap. 
We spent quite a long time there. and inspiration just hit me, to realize that the bookstore its quite a unique backdrop to take interesting photos. 
Too bad I didnt bring my DSLR. so iphone 5 camera will do too (;

Ended off the day at Skinny Pizza at City hall. 
3 of us all wanted to try it. 
But it was really disappointing. 
Ben feels like he is just eating salad on crust. haha!

Its just not my slice of pizza!