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BFF & Beach

After 2 days of going back to school for Sun NUS meeting and mad rush for the last minute work for the event, finally got some time for myself. 
and I finally did the number 1 thing I wanna do for the summer holiday, which is to just chill and slack on the beach. 
Today's weather is perfect, very sunny, did not rain at all. 
The best part is I went to chill at the beach with my bff, Gina. (yes, for those who are concerned, we are back to good friends term. Everything is in the past for us already)
We just talked, and laughed and talked, and laughed and laughed, and laughed. (: For hours, till the sun went down and then the sky is filled with stars. 
Feels so good to be chilling, with a bff, and not think about anything, just soaked under the sun and the stars. 
I think its quite cosy to sleep on the beach. I'm prepared for the next weekend's sleepover at Sentosa for Sun NUS. 

So far I am really enjoying the holidays.