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I ran out of things to blog about as these few days has been quite plain and slack for me.
Just slack around the house, stay in bed the whole day, eat my favourite food and head to the gym etc.

But, now, here's my Summer 2013 Checklist:

1. Get fit/Slim down (I guess that will be on any checklist at any time of the year)
2. Get tan
3. Go to a concert
4. Watch the sun rise/ sun set
5. Have a girl's movie night
6. Go to the beach a lot
7. Dip dye my hair
8. Read a book
9. Learn a new language- doing that in summer school.
10. Party!
11. Go on a trip somewhere
12. Go on a food hunt
13. Take tons of photos
14. Dance under the stars
15. Be fruitful
16. Be happy (:

This is definitely not a comprehensive list. Just what I can think of currently.

Speaking of summer, its getting incredibly hot these days. I cant even snugger on my bed the whole day as it gets so hot and humid. ):
Wanted to head out but is caught with this really really bad cramps. 
and I usually dont have cramps, why must it happen now ):

need to escape from this hotness:
1. Go to the beach. 
which I think I will be, cos Sun NUS is coming really soon. 

2. Go to the mall