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First Day

First day of the summer holiday! No words can describe my happiness! 
Although I can do without the in tuned body clock which wakes me up as early as 7 in the morning. 

Pull out my new top and my CHAXXL bag that I bought almost a year ago in Taiwan and its my first time using it. (cant believe I'm going back there in less than a month's time)
and its kinda ironic, cos Karl Lagerfield is in SINGAPORE NOW, at this very moment, launching Chanel's Cruise Collection 2013. How I wish I am there. T.T

How else to celebrate such a wonderful day? Shopping with BFF. 
I was too excited so I decide to just bring along my DSLR and cause I know we will be going Haji Lane, a perfect setting to take photos.

and it was really really hot. 
We saw real models taking photo shoot there. she is like twice as long as me, and half as thin than me. 
Kudos to the model who is working in under the hot sun. Their job is not all glamours and fun.

It was such an impromptu feeling to take photos. 
Wasn't sure that there is gonna be any nice photos at all. I didnt even look at the photos when we were there, only looked through it when I reached home. 
To my surprise, it was not that bad after all. Better than we expected. (:

so, CREDITS to bff Charis

You know, Haji Lane is full of colours, and its summer, its about colours. However, somehow I feel like toning it down a little, figuratively as well as literally with the photo effects, and going back to basics. Like cleansing and purifying our minds and souls after a long hard semester. 
Just back to page one. 
A new page.
A blank page. 

At least for now, forget about all the knowledge that is staffed down our chokes, forget about the competition among people and forget about all the egoistic wants.

Just back to be me. 

P.S I think I'm gonna post reeeeally often.