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Secret Garden

Finally, Sun NUS is over. 
I'll blog more about it once I got the photos of the event (:

and I sprained my wrist during the event. 
Had old injury on the wrist from my table tennis year. 
That explains the ugly bandage on my right wrist. 

Today is an important day in my life. HAHA. Will blog about that soon too. (:
so went to bugis area with Charis to shop and finally go get her guitar. 
We ran out of things to do, so decide to roam around the area and take nice photos.
and we found this secret garden in the midst of the concrete jungle of Singapore, hahha!
Its just a garden in Raffles Hotel, but the place, the ambience, the things there just make us feel abroad, somewhere not in Singapore. 
No wonder its the number one hotel in Singapore. 
Therefore, if I ever wanna a 21st bday party, or some special event party, it will be there luh hor.