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The Large Fish Tank

photos credit to L

Finally went to the Oceanarium today!
I've been wanting to go for a long time already, and it has been one of my motivation for me to survive the final exams. Its one of the things I am looking forward to do after my exam.

It was really crowded today, on a saturday of course. 
I think there are as many people as the fishes. Ok maybe not. 

I find myself 'wowing' throughout the aquarium, it is really spectacular, especially those giant fish tanks. 
Although, a small part of me always wonder what will happen if the glass of the fish tank just break. Like those that happened in action movie where they accidentally shoot the tank or something. Haha.

The dolphins are really cute too. They look so much bigger and real than I expected. 

However, its kinda sad when you realise that all these fishes are just going to be kept in this big tank, or maybe small tank to them, comparing to the nature. 
Just to entertain us humans. 

Anyway, Im glad I went to the oceanarium with the right person, as you will not find anyone who knows more about fish and give you such a detailed explanatory/guided tour throughout the whole time. 
and we took like 456 photos. 
97% on the various fish. 

This is definitely a worthy trip. (:

P.S going to cut my hair tomorrow!

P.P.S Driving lesson is seriously so damn hard to book, and I have scheduled it till the end of June already cos all the recent ones are booked. -.- with all of my overseas plan, I dont really know how this is gonna work, but it better works.