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This is Life

#nofilter for the last 2 photos - the result of the 29847th try.

Today was a tai tai life. 
Dyed my hair in the morning and I felt that its a tad too golden-ish. I always associate golden hair with ah lian/beng.
You can see my hair color from the photos above. It turns out well in photo now, that the color is obvious. But in real life, it just look a tad too bright. :/
Hopefully it will darken after a while (like before I go back Shanghai). 

Finally went to visit Ben at CBTL @ Marina Bay Sands. 
and they gave us A LOT of food- 3 pieces of cake and 2 coffees!
Did I mention they are all FREE!?
We felt bad, and we ordered fries too, so much food for just me and Charis. 
They are too nice!!! 

So Charis and I just slacked our afternoon away. 
Eat, chat, laugh, read book and listen to our own MP3. 
Its this kind of close friendship that even if with silence when we are both just in our own world, we still feel very comfortable.
Like I find it hard to feel 100% comfortable with some friends/acquaintances, always trying to make an effort for small talks etc.

Suppose to dine at High society for dinner, with Ben and Jac joining us, and that place just have to be renovating now! WHY!?
So, had a normal dinner, reminiscing about the past and went to catch the sunset at the roof garden of MBS. 

So far so good! (: