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Causal Tuesday

In love with my mum's vintage LV sling bag recently, she bought it wayyyyy back and its been kept in the cupboard for a few years, and finally Im bringing it to see the light again. <3 i="">

Causal Tuesday:

Visited the dentist early in the morning, and I am currently on my second pair of Invisalign! (I previously said I was using pair 0, actually its pair 1. My bad.)
Pair 2/24! I really feel that invisalign is really a very fast process.
Although my case is quite long actually, usually its even shorter.
Add on the attachments today, so its extra tight, and it feels like small stones inside my mouth! 
Now, I dont know if theres food stuck in my teeth or its the attachments, hahah!

Anw, I only feel its super tight and painful when I remove it and when I put it back on. The pain/pressure lasts about 15 mins, and now I dont feel anything, except for the 'small stones' in my mouth. So its pretty good. (:

Thats why Im dreading to eat now, cos too lazy to remove and put it back on and it hurts when I remove and put back. 
I really hope I can lose weight with this. 
But, I am really hungry. *roll eyes*
I think I will eat lesser this few days, and maybe in TW. 
but usually this pain goes off after the first few days of changing to a new pair of invisalign.

Anyway, enough of that. 
Another piece of good news came into my mailbox today. 
I just changed my twin room to SINGLE ROOM in Korea University!
More like upgraded, cos I need to pay extra-.- 
But I got lucky again. 
Yx who is going with me to KU received an email that say theres single rooms left and anyone who wanna change can email back. But I didnt receive the email. Yx just forwarded it to me anyway, and I just reply say I want.
In the end, we found out, the extra single room available is only for male students, lol -.-
but that person says still got 2 female single room available, he didnt blast email and ask the rest, but since I asked, he can offer me. 


(Sorry I am spending money again): )

So now, whatever happens in KU stays there forever. (;


I am a good girl.