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T-Minus: 4 days

I can't believe its coming this soon, I am leaving again in 4 days time. and this time I will be away, alone, for 7 weeks.
I cant help but feel a sense of uncertainty and a little scared/worried now. ):
A very neutral feeling now, I dont mind canceling the trip, and I dont mind going too (partly cos of the bad haze now).

So, just a few things on my wish list now. (For your reference for my bday present. HAHAHA! Kidding.)

1. A teleport machine, so I can come home anytime I want. I will really really really really miss my family and my home sooooooo soooo much.

2. A neck rest. The trip to Taiwan make me realize its an essential for solo trips on plane. Sadly I dont have anyone to lean on, so I really really need a neck rest. Also, cos I sleep a lot on plane, but without someone/something to lean on, my sleeping time has cut short a lot! and I dont like that, cos I sleep to pass time. (:

3. A iphone portable charger. Really essential, as being alone, I will depend on my iphone for music, video, games, photos, communication, map, email and almost everything. So a portable charger is quite important. and Im gonna bring my current iphone 5 as well as my old iphone 4 for Korea SIM card etc, so I need to power 2 phones!