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Farewell Singapore

No wonder people say that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. (So does brunch, since its half breakfast!)
Finally met up with Gina, and had brunch at Wild Honey. I find it a tad expensive for brunch. tsktsk. But it did start off my day well. (Y)

The previous day I still wanted to go Wild Honey for brunch, but my parents are not really keen on Western Breakfast.
Just then Gina sms and ask if want to have brunch at Wild Honey!
The previous day I walked by a florist and saw beautiful bouquet of flowers, and I thought to myself it will be nice to have one.
and this morning I received one! 

I think we have developed quite a good BFF telepathy. 
Anyway, thank you very much my friend for the brunch and the lovely flowers. 

Went to meet the usuals at MBS. 
But before that, we sneak up the MBS hotel, and oh my, the view is just A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!
This is the kind of crazy stupid things BFF do! :P

Visit the Mummy exhibition, its quite eye opening, learn much about the mummy. (Y)

Got my early birthday presents for the usuals, its really a very useful gift at the moment, I will need it for Korea. Thank you very much guys <3 p="">

P.S Will miss all of y'all, see y'all in 7 weeks time! Must Skype/facetime me!!! ):
P.P.S Instavideo is soooo fun! (Y)

BTW, this is the amateur VLOG I made for the Taiwan trip! Its really really reallllly so amateur that I can't stand it myself, haha!
Hope to make VLOG for my very very soon Shanghai trip and Korea trip.