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Received a BIG news yesterday. 
and its really stressing me out as its a big decision to be made. 
I think I will leave it to fate, and see how it goes.
Will talk about it once everything is finalised.

Despite that, Charis and I still went to walk around in town. Its the last few days before she starts work, and me flying around the globe. (;

This is taken at the National Museum of Singapore. 
Its a beautiful place, another of those buildings after the raffles hotel, that has strong colonial style. 
Something that stands out and is unusual to the local Singapore style. 

Because of recent campaigns, Singaporeans get to visit 8 of the museums free of charge, so we went to look around. 
and there were 4 couples taking wedding photos there. 
I would want somewhere more unique then :p

The whole vibe of the museum is just something you have to experience it yourself. 
So get out of your normal shopping routines, and try something different, like us. (:

P.S yes, we have developed feelings of taking photos with windows.