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Shanghai Summer

 Beers that are wayyyy too cheap.

 My favorite childhood ice cream that can only be found in Shanghai.
P.S that eye bag is after 5 hours of flight and almost 24 hours without sleep. ):

 Grapes and Grapevines my granddad grows in the garden. 

Finally can access to blogger cos I am in KOREA-SEOUL!!
Im posting in my dorm now which is my cosy little place for the next 6 weeks. 

This year, 20th birthday as been pretty special and awesome. 
3 countries. 
Dont even remember whens the last time I get to celebrate my bday with my grandparents.

Just 1.5 hours (2.5 hours for singapore time) more till the end of it. 
so far, the bday luck has been pretty good as I got to sit among a group of french soccer player on the plane. (;

Although theres no birthday cake today, but its great, I had dinner at Dongdaemung just now!
Yes, I went there straight after I put down my things in the dorm, on the first day, thats how eager I am, HAHA!

Tomorrow is orientation, hope everything goes well.
Meet some cute korea guys....

Birthday wish: ____________________________________

P.S Shanghai VLOG coming soon. Let me catch some sleep and rest after all the traveling. 

P.P.S pardon the photo quality, cos taken with my iphone.