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Taiwan Travel Diary


I am finally back from Taiwan!

The 7 days passed by in a blink, I guess good times pass by quickly. (:

The trip is more or less relaxing, as mostly we just shop, eat, shop, eat and eat. 

Pretty much went to the same touristy attraction as my last year Taiwan Trip. and for most of us, its not our first time in Taiwan, so we are really familiar with our way around. (Y)

I guess one of the highlight of the trip for me is when a whole cup of alcohol was splashed on to me. LOL. (';

Overall, the whole trip is filled with laughter, a lot of laughter. (mostly cos we are laughing at Kai Leun and his holes/oil/yoga pant, HAHA! KL, sorry!)
and a lot of late night sessions in our room, shopping at the 24/7 Watsons at 2am, and buying almost all the delicacy of Taiwan.

In the end, the trip ended with a blast, as we dined at a seafood restaurant on the 86th floor of the Taipei 101. 
A free seafood dinner at then 5-star restaurant, 
eating shark fins, scallops, sashimi, shrimps, fish, almost everything under the sea. 

and we got the whole Taipei night view beside us. 
For free!

It was a great trip! (: