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Updates of Mezelf (Dutch)

Heaven decide to shine light upon me once again.

I thank god, thank the universe and thank any higher power that helped me to be this lucky.

I am going to Tilburg University, Netherlands, for exchange in Year 2 Sem 2, which is starting in Jan 2014.

Half a year from now. (:

i just confirmed it yesterday, as I went to meet my Biz faculty person-in-charge of SEP. Once again I got super lucky, and still have vacancy left. One of them, which is this, is in Netherlands.

Netherlands is one of my choices for SEP. My first choice is obviously london, and I think in second place it will be Netherlands. Although Tilburg is not really in the central location of Netherlands, about 1.5hr train ride to Rotterdam, and even further to Amsterdam, but I think I am just happy enough its Netherlands, its Europe. It is the 6th biggest city in Netherlands. Tilburg is close to the border to Belgium and Germany. Below Belgium is France already, and from there, a 2 hour bullet train ride on Eurostar can bring me to London already. (:
(yes, I have done my research (; )

The drop pin is where Tilburg is.

Small city means I get to concentrate on my studies more. (haha, who am I kidding.)

I think by now, your can tell how excited, happy and grateful for this!!!

Although its not perfect, like I am not really sure about the modules I want can be mapped there, and the location may be a bit off, blah blah blah, but I just happy I can go for exchange.
Theres just too many uncertainty to wait and apply next sem, so I decided that opportunity like this doesnt come by everyday.
Just brace myself.

I am really grateful to my parents, who always support me in everything.

However, I'm starting to doubt the decision a little.

My mum is really worry for me to be overseas for half a year by myself. She support me of going but can tell she rather I dont go as she is really gonna miss me. This is one of the major flaws of being the single child, single daughter of the family and of having such a close relationship with my parents.
I feel so bad, like for being so selfish, just wanted to go exchange to have fun on the expense of my parents' money and keeping them worry.

and yes I am spending wayyyy toooo much money. I regret agree to go Taiwan. (which Im leaving next thursday) I blame myself for succumbing to peer pressure. I could have totally save the money. I promise I'm gonna spend as little as possible, probably on food only. 

and I am currently using Invisalign! like clear braces, removable and all. and it costs a bomb.
I am on pair 0 now, just started. 2 days before my trip to tw will be my official pair 1. So I will totally be suffering in Taiwan, not able to eat street food. oh did I mention it will also be the time of the month. oh my, I see a very painful holiday. ): Again, reasons why I should not have agreed to go. ):
please prove me wrong.

Shanghai and summer program to korea is coming in 3 weeks time too. another bomb.

and I am not working at all, just spending money as if I am really taitai and all. T.T

Sometimes I think that the world is fair. Although I am not rich, nor doing very well in school, but I got a very loving family.
Compare to some of my friends, I feel I have a much closer relationship with my parents, and Im grateful for that.
So, if I am given a choice, to choose between having a lovely pair of parents and to be rich and smart etc. I think I will still choose my parents, I want to change nothing as of right now.
So the world is fair.

Sometimes, one just need to learn to let go.
I will be fine, 
don't worry about me.

P.S Thank daryl for rejecting his Tilburg sep offer thus, indirectly giving me this opportunity. (: