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1st week of Seoul

Finally some photos from Seoul. 
I am really busy, with school, with just taking care of myself, like buying grocery, doing laundry etc etc, so I did not really take much photos.
Unlike some of my friends who already have 2 photo albums of Seoul on Facebook already.

So today marks the end of my first school week in Seoul. (We got no lesson on fridays)
And I had my first test. (I finished my test in 10 mins)
So we went out to Itaewon to have dinner. Its like the Lan Kwai Fong in HongKong, where theres just pubs and restaurants and filled with caucasians. 

But it started pouring since school end today, so our trip there wasnt as pleasant, I was totally drenched. (so much for dressing up for dinner ): )
so its less crowded and we didnt really get to bar hop at all, cos of the bad weather. ):

Somehow, now I think 6 weeks is not enough already. :/