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Asia Santorini

I cannot emphasize enough how much I love Busan.
Theses photos just dont do justice to Busan at all. 
You can find any shades of blue in their endless ocean. 
and it really feels super summer there, mainly cause its freaking hot and sunny, but the whole atmosphere, its just like a summer vacation. 
and as a matter of fact, many koreans will go there in Summer for vacation, so the beaches are really crowded. 

Compare to the countries I've been to, water like this, its really hard to find elsewhere. 
I love how Busan has just the right amount of people, their pace is slower than other cities too, they have boundless ocean right in front of their door steps, and the houses are just simply colourful and pretty. 
Its truly the asian Santorini.

Even broken sandals resulting in wearing slippers to hike to the mountain cliff cannot dampened my mood in Busan. 

Now back to Seoul, and we are welcomed by their everyday storm again. ):
I'm totally drenched while going to class today. 

and this just makes me miss Busan even more. );