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Seoul far Seoul good

This pretty much sums up my weekend.
Have loads of fun, eating a lot of food, mostly korea food.
and I thought Singaporeans can take very spicy food, but no. Koreans win us hands down. 
Their food is really spicy but its really very tasty. So this caused most of us to have a sore throat now. 

Constant traveling between countries and within city has made me really tired. 
Havent slept pass 10am since 2 weeks ago when I reached back Shanghai. 
Seoul's weather is quite crazy too, one day with big storm and the next day sunny as hell.
and we walked under the H-O-T sun for like the whole afternoon, and much damaged has done now. 
I got ugly tan lines as I was wearing a half-see-through-pointy-shaped-top (the white one in above photo), sun burnt, blisters on both feet, and extreme fatigue. 
the worst part is that we have to pay 4000won for using the toilet in a cafe. -.-

Yesterday was just not a good day. 
Did I mention I forgot to charge my camera battery?


So today, finally got some time to myself and rest well. Spent the whole day in dorm except for dinner. 
It was raining today, and its quite cold actually.
Crazy weather indeed.