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Updates from Seoul

Finally got some time to myself after a week of traveling.

So here I am in Korea, Seoul. Korea University to be exact. Its a great place, the school building looks like castle. I wonder how pretty it will look like in the winter. 
I always wanted to study in castle-like schools, like schools in London, or harvard...
But maybe in this life I am not fated? So KU can do as well. The campus is really pretty.

Korea is one hour ahead of Singapore. I feel a bit of jet lag, haha! Like when I sms my sgp friends, the timing is just weird.
Lessons are alright, teachers are nice, and its definitely less stress than NUS, no doubt about that.
So I am enjoying my time here, balancing out my time well. Right now at this moment, all my friends traveled to town while I am in my dorm room studying (and blogging) for tomorrow's finance test. We have test every thursday which is the last school day of the week, and all the test count to the final grade. so final exam has a lesser weightage too. *pad on my back for being a good student*
and mostly because I am too tired for the past week already, having too much fun is tiring too. I just wanna spend some time to myself (I always need that) and catch up on my own things like blogging etc.

Anyway, Koreans are really nice and friendly, especially the ajuma(s). Everyone, every salesperson, every store you walk into, they will greet you and will greet you again when you leave.
I find that this is the kind of attitude and passion that you hardly find in Singapore. Its not only korea, Taiwanese are really friendly as well. However, most of the times in Singapore, salesperson just give you black face.

I still have not found my summer fling yet. T.T #foreveralone
I do find Korea guys attractive. :p
Actually I dont even have any korean guy friends right now.
There are so many students in school now, like about 400+ students (yes, KU is earning soooo much money out of this program), and most of them are koreans. I think the second will be Singaporeans.-.-
and people just stick to their own nationality clique of friends, who has common language and stuff. ):

I have never really been to a country that communication is such a big problem. Like even in European countries when their native language is not English, at least signs and notices are somewhat in english, its not that bad.
Korea, definitely give me a cultural shock. The roadsigns, shop advertisements, wrapping paper, drinks, food, menus, maps, everything that has words, is all in korean. and sometimes they dont have English translation.
I didnt really think of that before coming (stop judging me), so its a bit of uneasiness for me.
However, I just love being so clueless, just wondering on street and getting lost, going into a restaurant not knowing what they serve, and randomly point on the menu, ITS JUST SO FUN

I find myself smiling on my own, just wondering on the street. I really love this feeling of being alone in a new country, just the feel of being somewhere else in the world that I would not have imagined before, its just amazing.

Each day passes very quickly with school work and random exploring of the city. We havent been to a lot of places yet. Somehow I feel that we may not have time for all :/

I am having a good summer, loving it! <3 p="">

Lastly, HERES MY SHANGHAI SUMMER VLOG. I think I still need to take some time to master the skill of VLOG-ing.

The way home is not easy.
First my luggage was overweight. So I have to take out my textbooks which actually weights 3kg, and hand-carry it. Its so inconvenient and heavy.
Then the counter check in lady lied to us, gave me a bad seat where the seat is spoilt, it couldnt lean backwards, I didn't get a blanket, and then I realise theres so many empty seats at the back where everyone is just lying down taking up 4 seats in a row, while I was cramped up infront, cold.

Touching down, got scammed like 20 bucks from the taxi driver.

On my way to my grandparents' house, I got the most frightening cab experience. Its really like Fast and Furious.
I sat infront, and theres no window screen beside me, and then theres no seat belt. and the driver has a fake rubber snake key chain hanging on the rear mirror, and he was speeding.
For a second, I thought I couldnt make it.
and then he scam me another 10 bucks for going the wrong way.

I almost wanna cry on my way.

Locals, you will never have this kind of feeling. The way back home is not easy.

I have a lot of doubts before the trip, and I did wanna cancel at some point. But once I reached home in Shanghai, once I got to roam around on the streets of Shanghai, once I got to eat my favourite childhood breakfast, I know everything is worth it. (:

P.S sorry for the lengthy post, I finally got time to myself, and I have so much things I wanna say for a long time, so here's everything at one go. (: