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Weekly Weekend Outing

The photo diary of the past weekend. 
Its just the normal tourist spot in Seoul. - Nansam Tower, Palaces, and more palaces, secret garden within the palace, MBC filming place, Insadong, etc.
and glad to meet up with KL over the weekends as he is having holiday in Seoul. 

After visiting so many palaces, I really wish one of those Kdrama scenario will happen in real life when I crossed over a magical ancient door, and poof, I have traveled back in time to the ancient time.
I feel that things may probably be easier then. Not much activities to do, especially for women.
Royalties just trapped behind walls of the palaces.
I guess thats when they have so much time to think, to reflect, to appreciate, thus creating so many marvelous poems, songs, instruments, pottery, handicrafts.......

Maybe all we need now is a little more time too.
Slow things down a bit and have time to think.

Midterm week this week! Busy with hw, for everyone else except me. Cos Im finding myself sleeping more than studying. ;/
and going to Busan over the weekend! 
Im excited!! ^^