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Chilling, Companions

Ben's first book out, and we decide to chill at Marina@Keppel Bay.
It is one of my favourite chilling place in Singapore, beside MBS rooftop etc. 
Except that the yachts are just mocking me in the face, but also serve as a motivation to work hard, and one day my yacht will be parked there too. 

We love to just chill around, play the guitar, enjoy the sea breeze, listen to songs, and sing. 
It was a relaxing afternoon after playing for the Inter-Faculty Games Tablet Tennis the whole day. 
Surprisingly, we emerge to the semi-finals! 
It was really an exciting match, we were so close to losing, but our male doubles did us proud!
Catching up after losing 2 sets, and the final score for the fifth match was 17-15!! 
*applause applause*

Its nice to just chill, eat dinner by the sea, chill more and chat with the awesome companions. 
How I wish I can do that every day. 
Cant believe 3 weeks had past since we sent Ben into BMT. 
That being said, a pile of school work is waiting for me now.