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Fine Ladies

Time really flies. 
Its been a year since Jen went to the US already.
We meet on a regular half a year/one semester basis, or whenever Jen is back to Singapore.
Great to catch up with Jen again, Weiying couldn't join us today as she sprained her ankle. )':

and we are all Year 2 students now. 
It seems like yesterday that we were still in our JC years. 

Now, we are having brunch in the middle of the CBD area at Club Street Social.
See how much we have evolved and became this pretty fine ladies. HAHA :p

Can't believe in a year or two we will be working already. 
Time really flies. 

I've been sending off too many people recently, everyone is/going to be abroad soon. 
Why am I stuck here and all stressed out about school(mainly cos of DSC2008)
Goodbyes are tough, 
I miss so many people now,
hope everyone comes back asap. 

The happiest time is when I am surrounded with a bunch of awesome friends.

P.S look how we smiled till our eyes are gone! 

P.P.S Really loving my new shoes, which I bought it in Korea, you have no idea now good quality and yet how cheap it is. We just got lucky and found this at a moving out/closing down shoe sale.