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Goodbye, for now

I can believe how fast the past week has passed by. 
8 days seemed like 8 hours. 
and now, its time to say goodbye. 

Jang and Min is on the plane back home already. 
and today officially marks the end of Summer 2013.
KUISC 2013 has ended. 

A sudden feel of emptiness creeped into me the minute Jang and Min step into the departure gate.
So what's next?
What do I do now?
I guess its really back to school, back to tutorials, back to the normal routines now. 

I had an amazing week, I believe everyone had an awesome week too. 
This summer is unbelievable. 
Its definitely the best summer I ever had in my life, no doubt.
I really believe in 缘分,
缘分has brought all of us together. 
I guess this unique friendship doesn't come by often, and I really treasure it. 
It is because of many many many, special/unique circumstances that brought all of us together. (eg Solomon meeting Min for the first time as one of the guy was drunk and 'passed out' in the hallway, lol)

I came to realise that friendship is really fragile.
People that you know a life may turn their back on you one day, your loved one when they wake up one day, they may tell you that he/she doesn't love you anymore, 
thus, it makes human relations are really so unique, so special and all so precious.

I don't know when is the next time we all going to meet. 
but, in our hearts, we all believe that, and we know that we will meet up soon, we will meet up again one day, we definitely will.

Korea is really my third home now, is somewhere I have to visit from time to time to visit all my dear friends and visit all the places that I have left bits and pieces of my heart behind. 
Those fond memories, bitter (be it a hangover or a naive broken heart) or sweet, 
they will be kept in my heart for a long long time, perhaps forever. 

Now I have 2 more brothers, 2 korean brothers!
Jang, the naughty brother, who I always bicker with, who is also all so emotional and sensitive. and has an amazing voice who sings the perfect love song. I will really miss your singing. Thanks for recording the perfect song in the middle of the night, risking being bashed up by Min, and sent it to us. 
Thanks for singing it for me live on the last night again. 
I will definitely miss that.
Min, the all so knowledgable and caring brother, the funny one too, who never failed to come up with some stupid, lame and at the same time, wise words. 
taking care of us from the very first day. You are one of the first Korean I ever met in KU and has brought so much laughter for us till the very end. Without you, I wouldn't have made it back to Singapore so smoothly too. 

Thank you guys, for taking care of me like your little sister. 
I will gain approval from you all for my future boyfriend. (;

Lets stay in contact.
and I'm already missing you all badly. ):