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Met so many amazing people in this 6 weeks. 
Although in the end, I did not manage to take photos with all of them on graduation.

Everyone has their own unique story. 
and its just amazing to interact, to talk and find out their stories. 

Honestly, previously I considered myself as an rather introvert.
I am most often the shortest smallest person around, I dont really dare to talk to caucasians, etc etc.
But I think I have learnt something in this 6 weeks, which is that I am not much different from the rest too. Theres nothing much I should be afraid of, and thus causing me to be shy and timid.
In fact, I really enjoy talking and making new friends. 

At least this summer, I really did try to step out of my comfort zone, and I like it!

This 2 amazing koreans, the ISC staff, Min and Jang, are touching down in Singapore in about 10 hours time!
and I am cutting class tomorrow and go find them instead. :P

It will be an amazing week ahead. (:

P.S At least now I have the experience before, now I know what shoes to wear to graduation! 
No sandals, it just looks weird. HAHA!