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My Third Home

Last day of my summer in Seoul, I spent the first few wee hours being high and half drunk. Had a quick 3 hours of sleep before heading to Myeongdong for one last shopping and last look at the good city. Another reason is to finally try on the Hanbok which is only at Myeongdong also. 

And reaching there early in the morning, the famous Myeongdong mandu place surprising has no queue yet. so we went to have it for breakfast. 

Cab back to school in the early afternoon cause I have one last exam- korean language exam at 4.40pm -.- which i totally did not studied for, and with a massive hangover. 

Everything went well. After the last exam, took one last good stroll around the school and around the dorm area and snap some pretty photos before heading to graduation ceremony&dinner. (post about that later)

Its definitely, no doubt, the BEST summer I have had ever. 
It will now be a precious and special memory that will be kept with me for a very very very long time, probably forever. 

Seoul, is now my third home. 

I want to blog more, but, the usuals is waiting for me below my house now. so I'll continue soon! (: