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School Starts

First 2 days of school, I am definitely still in the holiday mood/ post-exchange mood/ Seoul-withdrawal Syndrome.
Didnt really pay attention during lecture, I really should stop doing that already. One lecture, 2 chapters has been taught already. T.T
But Im glad that I've met a lot of friends in school, along the corridors already. Great to see them back here. Met some juniors too, and a lot of unfamiliar faces due to the new freshmen.
Spent the first 2 days of school with Charis, this makes going to school a little better, knowing theres someone with you.

Im quite sick now, losing my voices day after day. I have driving early in the morning. and yesterday we had an impromptu surprise at Benjie's house to celebrate his birthday in advance as he is celebrating it in BMT this year. He is inside camp now already!! ):

Today after lesson, at lunch at Poulet at Vivo and its really quite nice! ^^

Much rest needed now. Bye!