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I think this is the first time that all 6 of us are present for an outing, even after knowing each other and being in the same class for a year now.
I am glad we all met up and its a farewell dinner for Tesia who is leaving to Canada this saturday for exchange.

It was a good night, we had lots of fun talking, eating, more eating and our favourite past time-gossiping! :P
Mostly catching up with whats going on with us in the summer holiday, and a very detailed Q&A session about Canada by Tesia.

I am seriously sending too many people off. 
and in less than half a year's time, it will be my turn.
But there is SO much things to prepare now, like module mapping, visas, internship, etc etc.
way toooo much admin stuff to take care of. 
Can I hire a personal assistant?

The more I plan, the more I think about it, the more worried I am, and the less I wanna leave. 
I'm just to use to the normal undisturbed routine. 

ah well, see how it goes, hope everything turns out fine.