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Snippets of my Seoul

I am really sorry for the lack of updates! 
Things has been really crazy, I dont remember when is the last time I have had a good rest. 
Cos' my schedule is packed with non-stop fun! (and school work of course)

I cant believe 6 weeks are gonna past by this quick. I still remember not long ago, I was complaining on how much I dont wanna leave home, but now I will beg for one more day here, hahaha. 

Its too fun, with all the new friends, new food, new places, new shopping, its like a non stop exploration. 
 (and with all the freedom that its luxury to me back home, eg staying out the whole night)

I cannot emphasize enough how much fun I am having now. 

and the thought of going back and a new term is starting, is just like a bucket of cold water pouring on to me. ):

So here is some snippets of whats going on with me in Seoul. 
All taken by my iphone, I am too lazy to bring my DSLR out already. :/

P.S Got my hair dyed again, finally got rid of those ugly black roots. Im loving it actually! I really think I suit brown hair way better than black. :P
P.P.S I dyed my eyebrows too. :P

More photos to come! ^^