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Sunday Comfy

Take a break from posting about Korea. 
Its Singapore now!
Back to my normal weekend routine, which is to wander around the street of Singapore with my parents.

First weekend back home, and it feels like nothing much has changed. 
Get into my comfy boyfriend(the day will come!) shirt and good old trusty denim shorts, and weekend can be as comfy and relaxing as that. 

and in less than 12 hours time, it will be the beginning of the hell hole. 
It will be a better semester, it must be a better semester.

At least, theres still one thing that I can look forward to, which is that Min and Jang is coming to Singapore from korea next thursday to visit us!!
We made such good friends with them and had influenced them enough to make them book an air ticket and fly over next week!!!
This cures a bit of my-third-home sickness. 
Cant wait to meet them and bring them around Singapore! *excited*
and there are other singaporeans friends I've made in korea who are coming back next week before heading to the states for their next semester. 
So, hopefully I have an exciting week coming!! ^^

Really experiencing some korea-withdrawal-syndrome(KWS).
1. No kimchi with every meal
2. No free unlimited water with every meal
3. Cannot eat and drink on the train
4. No cafes to buy cheap and nice coffees. (I think I had too much coffee in korea, that im kinda addicted to caffeine now)
5. No special food/cuisine to eat. Everything is either normal in singapore, or very expensive good and special food.
6. Not seeing some people everyday
7. Not greeted by friendly and polite Koreans/sales person, but attitude sales people in Singapore.
(No wonder sgp was ranked quite low on the service sector. It is really bad comparing to the countries I have been in)
8. Just not hearing enough korea language, haha. Instead, Singlish everywhere.
(I really really dislike Singlish now. New semester/life resolution: Speak proper english.)

Hope everyone has a good weekend before school starts and NS starts for those enlisting. )':

P.S I really love my current hair colour, although the photo filters dont do them justice now. I was never a fan of such light and bright golden-ish colour. But I think they suit me well. 
As much as I like them, I think the next time I dye my hair it will be back to black. Too much damages and maintenance already, and especially if Im leaving sgp next year.

P.P.S My watch is still in Korean time, I was misled the whole day today, HAHAH!
but I've no intention of turning it back to SGP time :X