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These mostly summarised the few days I have spent with Min and Jang. 
We have been to Chinatown, Newton Circus, MBS, Clark Quay, Boat Quay, Robertson Quay, Gardens by the Bay, Font Canning Park, Old Supreme Court, Supreme Court, Parliament House, Fullerton Hotel, Merlion.....

I think they are more Singaporeans than I am now. They ate Durain, which I have never eaten before in my life, not even durain favoured food (yes, please dont be shock with this fact), they tried famous Bat Ku Teh, which I seldom eat too;  and they tried Tiger beer and like it (while to me all beer taste the same), and they found a direct bus from the National Museum to MBS, while I told them to take the mrt 
and Joel and some other guys really did such a good job in explaining and telling them the history/political/social/funny stories behind almost every building/structure/street we walked past, that even I am hearing it for the first time.
Its definitely a lesson learnt for me too. 

and then when its my turn to bring them around, I am so stress, that I am constantly checking the information using my iphone. 
and still, I think I did give them some wrong information. :P

Went to Gardens By the Bay and up to the SkyPark of MBS for the first time with them too.
I am really exploring Singapore.
I guess its just the right time to explore Singapore and see all the beautiful sight of her, so to make me fall back in love with this city once again, and cure my seoul-withdrawal-syndrome. 

But then, I should really go back on catching up with my lecture webcast, and read up on almost everything. 
Since EVERYONE in NUS is already mugging from week 1. (wtf.)