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2013 Singapore F1 Grand Prix

I always wonder when will I be able to watch the F1 Singapore Grand Prix.
Firstly, its always organised in September which is also always during school exam/prelims/midterms/o/alevels. I remembered I always struggled to decide if I should camp in front of the television for the night or to spend the time studying. 
Secondly, I always thought its really expensive to watch it (yes, it is still expensive), but until this year....

Huiying asked me if I wanna buy the F1 ticket to watch big bang, and it $65. The first thing that came into my mind is that, with that money, I get to watch both race cars and Big Bang performance, that is totally worth it!
So without second thought, I bought the ticket. 

I did have some doubts the day before going to this event, thinking about midterms in a weeks time (I have 2 mid term tests and 2 project due, its no way near done yet) and the amount of BB fans, etc etc. 
Honestly, I am more excited about seeing the cars then BB, so I wasnt really prepared to go there just to blindly queue and wait all night for the performance if I couldnt have a good time seeing the race.

While, it turned out I was wrong! 
I got to watch the race up close, super duper close, and watch BB 90mins performance up-close, super duper duper close too!
I really really had a good time that evening.

Got 2 fake tattoos, saw Hamilton/Vettel/Alonso/Webber/etcetc flew by Nth times, watch Big Bang up-close, walked on the circuit track(which is usually busy busy highways/roads that you cant possible walk to the middle and take photos too).

Come to think of it, the organiser must be really really really insanely pro to organise such a big event, just imagine the logistic for all the staffs, equipments, setups, WOW!
and Singapore F1 Grand Prix is just amazing, cos how many countries/cities can just 'closed' their downtown area for 3 days for rich people and big cars to race on! (even the president doesnt get to race on Singapore roads!)

*Rounds of applause for Singapore F1 Grand Prix*


P.S and after all, it just makes me wonder, so much have done just for the rich people to play with their rich cars. What is the point actually, making rich people richer? and I am one contributing to this too. 

But its an awesome night (:
This shall not be the last time, I hope.
Back to reality now, mugger mode turned on!